Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Let's Encourage, Recognise & Appreciate Young Readers & Authors

If you wish to gift your child something to guide them and become their friend, then nothing beats gifting them love and passion for books. It takes sheer efforts from parents to raise a reader. It will take your kids a long way, holding their hand in life’s ups and downs when we (parents) are not around.

I still remember my first blog on parenting how to raise a reader. I am so proud of raising Erishka as a voracious reader, she is so interested in reading now that she even wants to publish her own book too. (thanks to the early years I spent with her as I was Smart Mom At Home).
For Aarish (who just turned 1 last week), I was little worried like how would I inculcate reading habits in his early years, and how would I do it alongside being a full time working woman, a community builder, and a mommy to four kids (hahaha i.e Erishka -6.5 yr, Aarish - 1 yr, my hubby - 36 and my dad-66 yr). And then came along the initiative by Neev Academy taken up by them for the first time last year (missed it last year due to my pregnancy).
Erishka when she was just 14 months at Slough Library

The main objective of this Literature festival is to spread awareness for reading and to encourage and appreciate young writers. While raising Erishka as a reader, there were no such events for kids in town. Even though a library visit was a must for her in a month, her age group didn’t have any event as such in place. Yes, there was plenty of stuff happening around the town for adult book lovers like us, but no such activity/event for kids. I am super impressed by Neev Academy, (an International Baccalaureate school in Yemalur, Bengaluru) - Neev Literature Festival, for spreading the love for books to a wider range of kids and parents, which will help create and spread awareness.

Why you and your kids must not miss this event?
1.       An opportunity for you to introduce reading as one of the most productive life skills for kids
2.       Encourage your kids' reading capabilities
3.       Explore a range of books and encourage them to read multiple genres.
4.       An opportunity for you as a parent to listen to renowned authors and speakers gracing the literature festival meant exclusively for kids.
5.       Let your kids participate in various interactive sessions and panel discussions that will take place with the authors, the children and the parents on 29th September.
6.       Encourage young writers by applauding the winners of Neev Children’s Book Awards 2018 (NCBA). The objective is to recognize and honour outstanding authors from the children’s literature space.
NLF will include the Neev Children’s Book Awards in categories of Picture Books, Young Readers Books and Young Adults Books. Each award carries a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh, along with a citation which will be presented at the special ceremony during the NLF.
7.       All kids including toddlers, pre-teens, teens can participate and enjoy the event. Even young adults like me who love reading will have an awesome time connecting with stellar authors and readers.
8.       And finally, to keep your kids away from tech-gadget trap. This event will help you and your kids to tech detox.

As rightly quoted by Ernest Hemingway, “There is no friend as loyal as a book.” Let's attend the most awaited event for kids in the town. I will be attending this event with a few mommy friends and all our kids to learn and explore more on the reading front for kids.


Sunday, 13 May 2018

Beyond Being Mom: Rupal Ralph

 Getting To Know Rupal Ralph A Little Better!

We, Momzspace love to interact and know about each other. This helps the community to stay connected and bonded to each other. All of us come from different walks of like, but under Momzspace, we are like a big happy family.

Each member is unique, so strive to know them better as an individual and take a sneak peek into their lives.

This week on TELL ME MORE, we have Rupal Ralph taking to us about herself and tidbits of her life. Today is Rupal's birthday and what better than to know her more as a person and things we never knew.

Tell us something unique about yourself.
I belong to Gujarat, happily married to Ralph and have two adorable kids, Ryan and Risa. A postgraduate lawyer working towards eco-friendly solutions and presently working as product executive in Chie media.

A few of your favourite things as a childAs a child, I was always inspired by Rajni serial on dd and always wanted to be like her and that is what I do today.

As an individual, what has been your greatest achievement and your biggest regret?
 My biggest achievement is managing time, multitasking my professional, social and family life. My biggest regret is that I have so much to do but have little time.

In the journey of motherhood, what things do you do or want to do differently from what your parents had done as parents?

My kids are more independent than I was at their age. I want to raise them more independent and want them to find their own ways to solve their problems rather than always look upon me like I do today also.

Your biggest fear as a mother...
My kids falling sick because of my carelessness
One thing that you want to change in your life and Why?

I want to have a sustainable lifestyle with eradicating what is not necessary and have a healthy lifestyle for my kids and husband.

3 words to describe what family means to you

The whole universe <3

Your best experience being a part of Momzspace.
The best thing that happened to me on Momzspace is I started off my career after a long break from work. Thanks to Momzspace that I got an opportunity to work again and gain that confidence in myself.

Wishing you an amazing year ahead! Thanks for being part of MomzSpace.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Tete-a-tete with Srijata Bhatnagar: Guest of Honour for Women's Day

1. Tell us a bit more about the Srijata that we don’t know yet.
To know more about the Srijata you don’t know yet, you need to interact with her more often… ;)
Well, that’s one of the traits of Srijata, she finds opportunity in every situation to make a light hearted comment. Humor, laughter and optimisim are her most prominent weapon to fight this big complicated world. She believes in simplicity of everything, whether it is work, relationship or fun.
On a serious note, she is a person with unshakable confidence and determination. She believes nothing can stop anyone from taking a leap of faith but their own belief system. Secretly she wants to shatter every limiting belief system of her own as well as others. 
2. How was Ridhani conceptualized? What does the term ‘ridhanisymbolize?
'Ridhani' was conceptualized in the IIM Bangalore campus, while she was having a conversation with her classmates about fashion… the realisation struck that working women don’t find the right kind of clothes for their workspace no matter which walk of life they came from. She had been a victim of the same earlier in her worklife and now she knew she was not alone.
Hence, she decided to work on this problem and determinded to provide the perfect solution to working women. That’s how journey of Ridhani started.
Ridhani is a combination of an Indonasian word called ‘Ridhaan’ that means ‘satisfied and content’ and a Sanskrit word ‘Paridhaan’ that means ‘clothes’. Ridhani symbolizes “clothes that make you satisfied and content.”
3. What do on feel are the biggest concerns for women when it comes to work wear when you interact with them?
Unfortunately the concerns are many folds and most often women themselves are unaware of the problems. As a species we adapt and adjust way too much in every sphere of life… including workwear fashion.
The basic challenge is the absence of guidelines in workwear fashion for women in India, unlike the clear guidelines for men. Even if there are guidelines it has been set up by men, who don’t understand women’s issues at all. Therefore most often any or all of these gets compromised - comfort, style, individuality, and convenience. Making sure the women are lower on confidence while they are in their workspace.
The current workwear fashion for women blindly emulates the west, without keeping in mind the socio-cultural differences of our country. Therefore, there is a strong discomfort associated with workwear fashion. They have to conform to whatever the market offers them, no matter whether they like it or not.
When I interact with women they come up with either or all of these three issues, fit, design, comfort, and individuality.
4.  How important is creating a brand for yourself in today’s competitive business scenario?
We always believe branding is not for yourself, it is for others to perceive you the way they wish to.
Hence, we concentrate on doing our job right. Because, when you do your job, your brand gets created without a conscious effort towards brand building.
Frankly speaking, I personally find brand building overhyped, it derails you from accomplishing the original intention of why you started a certain business or do certain work in the first place.
No matter how competitive the business scenario is, concentrating on providing value to our customers have kept us sailing. If we would have concentrated on brand building, we would have closed down by now.
5. What does a module of Connect to Success look like in One-on-One Coaching programs?
Connect To Success is my flagship group coaching program which has been built on the very simple thought process that “When you connect right with your inner self, professionally, and personally success just follows effortlessly”.
The entire course has been built by me, using my 15 years long experience interacting with others, setting up multiple businesses, and running them all with ease.
My one-on-one coaching program follows the similar principles, however it is more elaborate and tailor made for the individual needs of my clients.
6. You have been a Speaker and a judge  for different Fashion Shows. How do you think modern Indian women perceive themselves or how their thought process has changed about themselves?
In my experience I have seen, todays generation of girls are clearer in their head, what they want from life, how they want to conduct themselves, their dreams etc.
They are focused on making their mark in the world. They are ready to reach out for help, unlike earlier days where they hesitated to make a move.
These girls are aware of their surroundings quite well and know what they deserve. Having said that, they need focused guidance to rise and shine. They need help in finding the ‘HOW’ part of their accomplishments. And, I believe it is our responsibility to make sure these diamonds don’t get lost in the deluge of noise in todays society.
7. What do you love doing the most, other than being engaged in your endevours?
Oh, I love spending time traveling to various unusual places and documenting my learnings, spending quality time with my 9 years old daughter, cuddling my 3 years old four legged daughter (a golden retriver), having soulful intelligent conversations with my soulmate, having mindless hilarious times with my circle of friends, blogging about every day mundane things that are quite extra-ordinary and helping people in need. 
8. What can the audience expect at your session at Art Blend Cafe on Women’s Day?
Well, I believe in dialogues more than monologue. Hence, audience can expect to have a great dialogue with me on career, fashion, life’s challenges, how to overcome those challenges innovatively without getting bogged down by them etc. And I promise to make this session a light hearted yet hard hitting one. At the end of the day audience will return with few pearls of wisdom and new friends for life. And if the audience is proactive enough, they might even end up figuring out their life’s purpose!

Friday, 19 January 2018

Beyond Being Mom: Deepti Mahesh

Heylos to all lovely momz reading this feature 'Beyond Being Mom'. I am super excited to feature super mom Deepti Mahesh. We all know her as a proud founder and owner of popular kids' destinationKydzAdda, but lets' know her beyond being a mom and a successful entrepreneur.

Tell us something unique about yourself apart from what we know

An IT Professional turned into an entrepreneur with two young boys who loves to travel and enjoy life. I completed Bachelors in Computers and Electronics and did my Masters from RMIT in Melbourne. Later, I also worked as a programmer followed by a business analyst in a couple of companies in Melbourne. 
After moving to Bangalore, I wanted to do something on my own and spend more time with my two little boys, I conceptualized Kydzadda. 

Clicking with her son after Halloween Bash
As an individual, what has been your greatest achievement?

There is no greatest achievement yet. I always look further and set new goals and feel I can do more. Every goal of mine when reached with enthusiasm and hard work gives me a feeling of a great achievement. It inspires me to aim and climb higher. 

One thing that you want to change in your life and Why? 

I wouldn’t really want to change anything in my life. I am truly blessed to have a great family, a lovely set of friends and doing what I enjoy. 
hmmm ... but if at all there is anything, I would like to find more time in busy schedule to travel and explore places with my family. 😊
Deepti during her event at KydzAdda along with her younger son Vihaan.

One thing you always carry in your purse ... 

Just like most women, I love handbags and purses and apart from the usual wallet, cards, a bit of makeup etc. But what no one knows is that I also carry little bits of papers on which I scribble when I am home. Its more of a to-do list, appointments, reminders, and anything I want to work on. I scribble on this anytime whenever it strikes my brain; it could be while I am making the my kids study, cooking or even sometimes in the middle of the night. lol

One song that describes your life ...

I love music and listen to all kinds of music - Carnatic, Bollywood, western. There are various songs that describe my life based on the phase of life I am in. Currently, the song ringing in my head for the past couple of days is “I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky”

Your all-time favourite movie ...

Hmm… cant think of any. Movies for me are something to unwind. A medium to not think of work or other chores for the 2-3 hrs. So I don’t have any favourites. If I were to choose, any comedy movie will usually be my first preference.

Who inspires you the most?

I draw inspiration from a lot of people. I like to read modern take on mythology and there is always something to learn. From my personal life, I draw inspiration from my husband for his patience and commitment; my mom who is great at multi-tasking; my dad from whom I have learnt the discipline without which I wouldn’t be where I am today and my in-laws who have achieved so much in their life. 

Your teenage crush? If any :)

Cant think of anyone in particular. It’s a phase of life every girl goes through and guess most crushes at that time were the movie stars then 😊

Your biggest fear, if any ...

An unhappy family. Work, money, fame… nothing can make anyone happy as long as the family is not happy together. At the end of the day, I would like to return home to smiling faces and a satisfied lot.

Your biggest strength ...

Undoubtedly my family. 

We know you are a trained Carnatic singer, tell us more about your singing talent to our readers ...

My mom is a Carnatic singer and teacher and she is the main reason why I am a trained Carnatic singer. When I was a little girl, like every other kid, I didn’t take it seriously. But my mom ensured I learned an practiced it. However, when I left to pursue my Masters in Melbourne, I wasn’t regular in practice but then I always came back to music and singing to feel rejuvenated and get a break from the monotony of work and home. I have learned a lot of Keerthanas and performed at various places. That said, I would like to learn a lot of songs from the huge database of songs my mom has collected over the years. 

How do you manage being mom to two boys, your brain child KydzAdda and hubby?

I plan my household work and office work every day. Having a plan and addressing one task at a time makes things easier for me. 

What things do you do or want to do differently from what your parents? 

Can’t think of anything I would do differently from my parents. They have been the cornerstone of what I am today and would like to give a similar upbringing to my kids.

Three words to describe what family means to you:

Love, happiness, and strength.

Your message to our moms who aspires to be mom entrepreneurs ...

Give your best shot to everything that you aspire leaving no stone unturned. Your passion and your hard work will speak for itself and give you the results. Being a mom and an entrepreneur requires a lot of dedication and having to manage them both can sometimes feel like a mammoth of a task. 
In times like these, take a break, go out with friends, do whatever makes you happy apart from anything that has to do with responsibilities. Taking time out for yourself is also important to keep you sane and focused.

Your message to our moms who are reading this interview ...

Enjoy whatever you do. Everyone has issues but every problem has a solution. Sometimes finding the right solution may take time but eventually, you will get there.
Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling
Deepti with hanging out with her friends. R-L Sushma, Priya, Sharda, Jyoti, Deepti and Nidhi

How did you get to know about MomzSpace?

Just before starting Kydzadda, I tried to connect with moms, in general, to gather information and understand their requirements. In the process, I got in touch with Nidhi Pathak who was just starting this amazing community of moms called Momzspace. 
Until then, I had never heard or come across any such gathering and I was highly impressed with the way she networks and brings in like-minded moms and entrepreneurs together.

Any special reason to co-host MomzSpace 5th Anniversary?

One of the first set of activities we held at Kydzadda was Momzspace meets and Kids Kitchen which was hosted by Nidhi. Our journey with Momzpscae started even before Kydzadda Banshankari started. 

Nidhi has been a great support for me in various aspects of my work and personal life. Hosting Momzpsace 5th anniversary is a small gesture to thank her and the Momzspace community.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, selfie and indoor

Your best experience being a part of Momzspace.

Meeting and planning events over lunches with Nidhi without a question :) The Momzspace events I attended was enlightening as I met women from various backgrounds, experienced and expertise and I always learned something new. 

According to you what a mom must expect when attending MomzSpace 5 year celebration

I think they should actually come with no expectations. A 'celebration' is something where you go to enjoy and let go of anything serious. Considering it’s a 5th birthday party for Momzspace, I would like to see moms coming in for a nice chat, meet new people, network and have fun.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

"Five Years of Connecting Moms" By Nidhi Pathak

Yes, we are turning five on this January, for which Nidhi Pathak (Founder of MomzSpace) is hosting a small get-together with her MomzSpace mommies. The event is all about celebrating moms's individuality who has contributed to form of this dynamic mother community.

We are proud to announce our co-host (Deepti Mahesh Founder of KydzAdda), who voluntarily sponsoring the snacks and refreshment for our mom attendees. Momz attending this special momzmeet will get an opportunity to interact and listen to RJ Snigdha in person and live! The entire meet will be all about being beyond mom, which will be concluded by acknowledging the contribution of each mom who has been an integral part of momzspace community to make these 5 years as a successful journey. 

Our very own Emcee Anjali, who will take you through the following agenda effortlessly making every mom present feel special;

10:30am - A Welcome Note By Deepti Mahesh
10:40am - Journey of MomzSpace By Nidhi Pathak
11:00am - Talk by Guest of Honour RJ Snigdha on 'Beyond Being Mom'
11:30am - Felicitation of our MomzSpce Key Members
12:00pm - Cake Cutting
12:10pm - Network with like-minded moms, and start bonding over tea and refreshments :)

Deepti Mahesh, Nidhi Pathak and Prateeti Shukla  (Photo: Satish B)
Meet my support system who kept me sane while running this community. L-R Deepti, Prateeti, and Myself ;)
Trust me, ladies, these five years weren't so easy peasy for me to run solely especially after joining a full-time job, and now having a new arrival in our family. Thanks to all moms who have helped me to keep this community running with informative blogs, social engagement and doing meaningful momzmeet. Special thanks to Debolina who never failed to engage mommies in the group, and being my sos for pushing blog stuff live! 

Thanks to Prateeti (Art Blend Cafe) who warmly hosted most of our momzmeet at her cafe giving us homely feel. Super thanks to Su Iyer who has been integral part of momzspace, from giving us melodious performance to being host, sponsor, and what not ;) Not to forget
Simran (OMBC), Luvena (The Curvy Yogi), Lubaina who kept in track and helped me to stick to momzspace vision And Hema, Anjali, Pragyaah (Tarot Reader), Priya, Suman (DramaQueen), Seema, Pushpa, Aparna and Manasa who bring oodles of positivity and always ready to volunteer without any qualms to make each every momzspace event successful. A Biiiiiiiiig Thanks to alll, and sorry if at all I've missed out any of them for special mention who can kick me when you meet me next ;)

Nidhi Pathak Smart Moms Club
With my elder daughter and hubby! Who are always so supportive during my initiatives for momzspace.

I take immense pleasure to have all you lovely memebrs of MomzSpace community who have helped me to build one of it's kind community for moms. Looking forward to meet you all in person to celebrate Five years of Connecting Moms) at KydzAdda on 21st January 2018.  
-xoxoNidhi :)

Checkout their beamimg smile, it exudes positivity, which is damn contagious! xoxox to all mommies

We all at MomzSpace are looking forward to meeting you and listen to you in person. To attend this momzmeet please do register at https://www.facebook.com/events/178752762713978/ or drop us a mail at momzspace.in@gmail.com Block your seat now as the event is By INVITE ONLY.
PS. Entry for Momz is free, but for kids playing at Playzone will be charged as per KydzAdda Charges with special MomzSpace Discount of 50% discount.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

RG Blossom redefining new age parenting!

Is your hectic work schedules, and social commitments making it difficult for you to achieve your parenting goals? Are you raising your child in nuclear family? If yes, then RG Blossom is the right fit for you to meet your parenting goals and ensure your child’s overall development.

RG Blossom App enables new age parent to Engage actively and Empower themselves to build trusted relationships with caregivers, doctors, school and more. This not any parenting app with mere parenting tips which hardly works, but it's a app which helps you to measure your childs well being too. It helps to build an interconnected and seamless child care ecosystem to ensure holistic development by focusing on caregivers to offer right care to your child, as well as for schools to unlock your child’s potential in academics too.

RG Blossom helps you to focus on key milestones including physical, physiological, cognitive learnings as well as their emotional and behavioural quotient.

This application is free from ads, yet no extra cost for downloading this app. This free app has clear vision to offer end-to-end digital parenting solutions for key areas i.e body, mind, and soul of your child.

Ratings: 4.5

Why you must Download Round Glass Blossom Parenting & Child Care App?

  • To record, track every milestone of your child seamlessly
  • To Monitor your child’s development child
  • Stay connected with your child’s caregiver, paediatrician, and school
  • For timely expert advice on child care & nutrition
  • To Store & access your child’s health records & documents on a single platform
  • To save time with online appointment booking feature
  • For never miss vaccination
  • For personalized child care and parenting content
  • For simplified to access child health records
  • To work cohesively with caregiver, doctor, and school to get meet your parenting goals
  • To Connect, interact, share and learn from industry experts and other parents
  • Ad Free Parenting App

This app has been specially designed for new age parents and built by passionate parents having vast industry experience with US-govt and top US healthcare organizations. It helps you raise a happy, healthy and mindful child with an innovative, yet tried and tested child development tools, trusted parenting advice and access to best paediatricians.

I asked few of my friends who just stepped on to parenting to give candid reviews, please Do read and take your call. Jyoti Pardasani: "Perfect App for parents like us who are multi-tasking every now and then, and we end up forgetting imp vaccination appointment. This app leaves no room for such a miss. Thanks, RG blossom, for making me more alert."

Ankeet D: "very helpful and easy to use parenting app. It helps us to be better parents. We can make informed and better decision as whoever is involved in evolving our child is on same track , and updated :-)" Madhvi Juneja: "I feel that app is doing justice to all, like for us parents as well as for the people we work together to raise our child. it helps to have easy and non-confusing interaction with her care giver at day care. I've not tried the book an appointment feature, but am sure it will be good too." Priya M: "RG blossom made our parenting journey easy, and effective with given tools, expert advice, and most loved book an appointment feature." Vinita Garg, "Oh this app made my work little bit easy when it comes to track her health milestone, especially for tracking her vaccination schedule. And this app made further easy for me to book an appointment with her doc."
RoundGlass Blossom empowers every parent, caregiver and school to be part of an innovative and transformational journey focused on the wellbeing and holistic care of every child. Download RoundGlass Blossom>> - a free parenting & child care app to experience the joy of parenting!

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Meet RJ Snigdha - Soul of MomzMeet!

I take immense pleasure to announce RJ Snigdha as the Guest of Honour for our 5th Anniversary celebration (Five years of Connecting Moms) at KydzAdda on 21st January 2018. 

While interacting with Snigdha time just flies, I had lots of fun meeting her. She is so down to earth,  energetic, full of life, and oodles of positivity. Here is an excerpt from our little yet longer conversation...

Tell us something about Snigdha, the dynamic RJ and what is the most interesting part of your job.

Well, Snigdha is the simple soul who is born never to die. Loves to live life to the fullest. Someone who can give more than expected. Someone who loves to laugh and put a smile on others face be it with wit or her humour. She is someone who believes that Jack of all trade could be a master of all too. Coming to my Passion... The most dynamic part of my job as an RJ has always been the live wire challenge. No edit no retake. And of course the high you get when you get to experience the adulation from listeners of all age and gender. It's like becoming the medium of their emotions to the world 😊

Tell us something about the your motherhood journey – the challenges you faced, the memories you made, etc.

I was married off at a very early age.. 19.5 and I was off to explore a life of a wife and mom.. I was a mother of two tiny tots by 24..an age when many of my friends were pursuing their career and studies.. But I have no regrets. When people start giving up in life, I started and took off my career at the age of 33..

Life wasn't hunky dory and nor was it a smooth sail. My son was diagnosed with severe autism spectrum disorder at the tender age of 3 and life came to a standstill for me.. I never thought the tomboy inside me will calm down, the rebel inside me will go into a shell, the go-getter inside me will be depressed. 

But yes am proud to say that I self-counselled at that young age and faced every challenge and fought my battle with support from my family.. thankfully I could revive life and tried to live every moment as I always desired to. 

How did it feel being one of the Mrs. India 2017 finalists? 
Well I was Mrs India finalist for the first time in 2006 in gladrags Mrs India contest but couldn't go to Mumbai for 10 days leaving my kids alone those days when he was very small and needed constant attention and my hubby was serving in the air force and it has always been a nuclear family.

I let go of my place to the next participant. But somehow it always bothered me that I left an opportunity so after a long hiatus, I tried again last year and not just being finalist I also won the crown which is a very proud and happy moment for me. It's never too late to try and I proudly hold this crown till 2018😊
How do you balance your personal and professional lives?

I always believe that one must learn to differentiate between work and home. You must know the work-life balance. The easiest way to do this is not to bring home the professional work and vice versa. One must find time to cook, spend time at your hobbies, give quality time to family and fix days and time for it and be diligent about it. It's an art that I have honed over many years to strike a perfect balance between home and career. Take out time for friends, meet up and let your hair down once in a while. That's a perfect balance and all you need is the art of doing it.

What is the one thing that has changed in you after becoming a mother?
I was an extremely hyper person and very impulsive with zero tolerance. After I became a mother the first time, I hardly could work on it at 21..but after my sons birth and especially after his diagnosis, things drastically changed for me. I became very patient, tolerant, compassionate and could take life as it was gifted to me  😊

How did you come to know about Momzspace?
Of course, Social media! Social Media zindabad 😊

7. What do you feel are the biggest challenges for women in the Corporate space today and how can they overcome them?
One of the biggest challenges that a woman faces at the corporate world is perhaps the way she is underestimated about her calibre just because of her gender and of course the safety and security. 

I think she could overcome this by being upfront, unabashed and confident. She need not prove herself. She should just believe in her self and her conviction will take her places. We already have plenty of examples of such successful women at a very high position.
As for safety and security, Govt is Trying many measures and there is a massive change already seen with awareness. 

8. What is your idea of a ‘supermom’?
Honestly, this is one nickname that already is bestowed on Me by my loved ones but I guess every woman could be a supermom if she has a will for it.

All it means it is being good at multi-tasking, utilising her time and talent to optimum. Indulge in her hobbies and passion and look at an avenue of keeping busy with constructive work and yet take care of her home and family 

9. What are you expecting from this event?
I honestly expect each mom who is at the event to start thinking beyond being mom live a balanced life that gives her wings to fly and be happy and content in whatever she desires to do.

These kinds of momzmeet is an eye opener for many who have talent and are not proactive about it... It's about time now!! 

10. A piece of advice for all the wonderful women and moms out there.
We all are women before we are moms. So start giving yourself importance and Stop thinking what others think of you, stop wasting your precious  time in gossiping, stop judging others and yourself, all you need to do is start living a balanced life, give yourself time that you deserve, above all love yourself and  only then can you love others around u and you will find happiness in smaller things in life 😍

Thanks Snigdha for squeezing out some time from your busy schedule and answering our questions. We all at MomzSpace are looking forward to meeting you and listen to you in person. - xoxo    
Nidhi :)   

To attend this momzmeet please do register at https://www.facebook.com/events/178752762713978/ or drop us a mail at momzspace.in@gmail.com Block your seat now as the event is By INVITE ONLY.