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RG Blossom redefining new age parenting!

Is your hectic work schedules, and social commitments making it difficult for you to achieve your parenting goals? Are you raising your child in nuclear family? If yes, then RG Blossom is the right fit for you to meet your parenting goals and ensure your child’s overall development.

RG Blossom App enables new age parent to Engage actively and Empower themselves to build trusted relationships with caregivers, doctors, school and more. This not any parenting app with mere parenting tips which hardly works, but it's a app which helps you to measure your childs well being too. It helps to build an interconnected and seamless child care ecosystem to ensure holistic development by focusing on caregivers to offer right care to your child, as well as for schools to unlock your child’s potential in academics too.

RG Blossom helps you to focus on key milestones including physical, physiological, cognitive learnings as well as their emotional and behavioural quotient.

This application is free from ads, yet no extra cost for downloading this app. This free app has clear vision to offer end-to-end digital parenting solutions for key areas i.e body, mind, and soul of your child.

Ratings: 4.5

Why you must Download Round Glass Blossom Parenting & Child Care App?

  • To record, track every milestone of your child seamlessly
  • To Monitor your child’s development child
  • Stay connected with your child’s caregiver, paediatrician, and school
  • For timely expert advice on child care & nutrition
  • To Store & access your child’s health records & documents on a single platform
  • To save time with online appointment booking feature
  • For never miss vaccination
  • For personalized child care and parenting content
  • For simplified to access child health records
  • To work cohesively with caregiver, doctor, and school to get meet your parenting goals
  • To Connect, interact, share and learn from industry experts and other parents
  • Ad Free Parenting App

This app has been specially designed for new age parents and built by passionate parents having vast industry experience with US-govt and top US healthcare organizations. It helps you raise a happy, healthy and mindful child with an innovative, yet tried and tested child development tools, trusted parenting advice and access to best paediatricians.

I asked few of my friends who just stepped on to parenting to give candid reviews, please Do read and take your call. Jyoti Pardasani: "Perfect App for parents like us who are multi-tasking every now and then, and we end up forgetting imp vaccination appointment. This app leaves no room for such a miss. Thanks, RG blossom, for making me more alert."

Ankeet D: "very helpful and easy to use parenting app. It helps us to be better parents. We can make informed and better decision as whoever is involved in evolving our child is on same track , and updated :-)" Madhvi Juneja: "I feel that app is doing justice to all, like for us parents as well as for the people we work together to raise our child. it helps to have easy and non-confusing interaction with her care giver at day care. I've not tried the book an appointment feature, but am sure it will be good too." Priya M: "RG blossom made our parenting journey easy, and effective with given tools, expert advice, and most loved book an appointment feature." Vinita Garg, "Oh this app made my work little bit easy when it comes to track her health milestone, especially for tracking her vaccination schedule. And this app made further easy for me to book an appointment with her doc."
RoundGlass Blossom empowers every parent, caregiver and school to be part of an innovative and transformational journey focused on the wellbeing and holistic care of every child. Download RoundGlass Blossom>> - a free parenting & child care app to experience the joy of parenting!

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Meet RJ Snigdha - Soul of MomzMeet!

I take immense pleasure to announce RJ Snigdha as the Guest of Honour for our 5th Anniversary celebration (Five years of Connecting Moms) at KydzAdda on 21st January 2018. 

While interacting with Snigdha time just flies, I had lots of fun meeting her. She is so down to earth,  energetic, full of life, and oodles of positivity. Here is an excerpt from our little yet longer conversation...

Tell us something about Snigdha, the dynamic RJ and what is the most interesting part of your job.

Well, Snigdha is the simple soul who is born never to die. Loves to live life to the fullest. Someone who can give more than expected. Someone who loves to laugh and put a smile on others face be it with wit or her humour. She is someone who believes that Jack of all trade could be a master of all too. Coming to my Passion... The most dynamic part of my job as an RJ has always been the live wire challenge. No edit no retake. And of course the high you get when you get to experience the adulation from listeners of all age and gender. It's like becoming the medium of their emotions to the world 😊

Tell us something about the your motherhood journey – the challenges you faced, the memories you made, etc.

I was married off at a very early age.. 19.5 and I was off to explore a life of a wife and mom.. I was a mother of two tiny tots by age when many of my friends were pursuing their career and studies.. But I have no regrets. When people start giving up in life, I started and took off my career at the age of 33..

Life wasn't hunky dory and nor was it a smooth sail. My son was diagnosed with severe autism spectrum disorder at the tender age of 3 and life came to a standstill for me.. I never thought the tomboy inside me will calm down, the rebel inside me will go into a shell, the go-getter inside me will be depressed. 

But yes am proud to say that I self-counselled at that young age and faced every challenge and fought my battle with support from my family.. thankfully I could revive life and tried to live every moment as I always desired to. 

How did it feel being one of the Mrs. India 2017 finalists? 
Well I was Mrs India finalist for the first time in 2006 in gladrags Mrs India contest but couldn't go to Mumbai for 10 days leaving my kids alone those days when he was very small and needed constant attention and my hubby was serving in the air force and it has always been a nuclear family.

I let go of my place to the next participant. But somehow it always bothered me that I left an opportunity so after a long hiatus, I tried again last year and not just being finalist I also won the crown which is a very proud and happy moment for me. It's never too late to try and I proudly hold this crown till 2018😊
How do you balance your personal and professional lives?

I always believe that one must learn to differentiate between work and home. You must know the work-life balance. The easiest way to do this is not to bring home the professional work and vice versa. One must find time to cook, spend time at your hobbies, give quality time to family and fix days and time for it and be diligent about it. It's an art that I have honed over many years to strike a perfect balance between home and career. Take out time for friends, meet up and let your hair down once in a while. That's a perfect balance and all you need is the art of doing it.

What is the one thing that has changed in you after becoming a mother?
I was an extremely hyper person and very impulsive with zero tolerance. After I became a mother the first time, I hardly could work on it at 21..but after my sons birth and especially after his diagnosis, things drastically changed for me. I became very patient, tolerant, compassionate and could take life as it was gifted to me  😊

How did you come to know about Momzspace?
Of course, Social media! Social Media zindabad 😊

7. What do you feel are the biggest challenges for women in the Corporate space today and how can they overcome them?
One of the biggest challenges that a woman faces at the corporate world is perhaps the way she is underestimated about her calibre just because of her gender and of course the safety and security. 

I think she could overcome this by being upfront, unabashed and confident. She need not prove herself. She should just believe in her self and her conviction will take her places. We already have plenty of examples of such successful women at a very high position.
As for safety and security, Govt is Trying many measures and there is a massive change already seen with awareness. 

8. What is your idea of a ‘supermom’?
Honestly, this is one nickname that already is bestowed on Me by my loved ones but I guess every woman could be a supermom if she has a will for it.

All it means it is being good at multi-tasking, utilising her time and talent to optimum. Indulge in her hobbies and passion and look at an avenue of keeping busy with constructive work and yet take care of her home and family 

9. What are you expecting from this event?
I honestly expect each mom who is at the event to start thinking beyond being mom live a balanced life that gives her wings to fly and be happy and content in whatever she desires to do.

These kinds of momzmeet is an eye opener for many who have talent and are not proactive about it... It's about time now!! 

10. A piece of advice for all the wonderful women and moms out there.
We all are women before we are moms. So start giving yourself importance and Stop thinking what others think of you, stop wasting your precious  time in gossiping, stop judging others and yourself, all you need to do is start living a balanced life, give yourself time that you deserve, above all love yourself and  only then can you love others around u and you will find happiness in smaller things in life 😍

Thanks Snigdha for squeezing out some time from your busy schedule and answering our questions. We all at MomzSpace are looking forward to meeting you and listen to you in person. To attend this momzmeet please do register at or drop us a mail at Block your seat now as the event is By INVITE ONLY.

Friday, 12 January 2018

Guest Blog: “Informed Parenting” By Ritu Bhatt

Here is an informative guest blog about milestones of motherhood by Ritu Bhatt. She shares about how she has taken important decision for her baby in given circumstances... I simply enjoyed reading it, as it was very practical and informative. I am sure my readers will also love reading the same. 

Thanks Ritu for sharing your parenting experiences and sharing tips you learnt. Nothing prepares you on the job and excel like the way motherhood does, as rightly said motherhood doesn't come with a manual, and if at all, am sure it wouldn't be much help, as each mom, mothering journey and each child is different. 

“Informed Parenting” By Ritu Bhatt

Life is a learning and motherhood is one ‘on the job training’ where you learn with each mistake. You discover and keep understanding motherhood while wondering and trying to figure out why the baby never sleeps in the night….

Post pregnancy (post-partum) is the phase when many women are at their all time lowest phase of life. While tackling the physical, mental & hormonal imbalances, important is to understand that we ourselves have to come out of this, we have to get-up, talk and take care of the child; no one else can do it for us, so better we are at our best and let we ourselves decide what’s right for our baby.

After delivery, when my body was actually under those mood swings and un-contented self denial mode, hormonal imbalances – it was indeed a difficult phase… but I had no option than leaving everything aside and focusing on what was most crucial, my baby. My instinct made me do few things which today I feel were some mistakes which I was saved off by being just a little more conscious and thoughtful in whatever I did. I started ignoring what others talk/comment; whenever my baby sleeps, I made sure I also slept, whatever time of the day it was, when she was up, I used to attend to her needs, while talking to her I used to do lot of stuff around in the room. Also, those days, I read a lot, Internet and books are full of information, always refer multiple sources on anyone information we seek. 

Here is my take on some aspects of motherhood which I learnt on-the-job!

YES or NO, it had become the biggest decision of my life, much bigger than the one I used to take while handling most critical projects in office. Infact, it’s still a big debate. The old school says NO and Doctors says ‘what’s wrong?’ I did use diaper for my kid during nights so that both of us can sleep well which can be a boon in those initial days. And I did use diapers while outings which are not more than once a month or so during those times. My baby indeed slept well & dry throughout the night, resulting into both she and me being less cranky towards each other. Her sleep schedule was on track and till date it is. No diaper rashes, as well as I, used to change the diaper every 3-4 hours.
Diaper wars: Cloth vs Disposable!

One in every 3 babies suffers with colic during late evenings in those initial days; I always went for the safest medicine as suggested by the doctor. There is nothing wrong in giving few drop of the colic syrup once in a while rather than managing those heat sek on little tummy or heeng powders on the navels till late in the night which didn’t work for me. ‘Colicaid’ (anti-colic) did, and I am proud that I used it, and my baby didn’t had to go through those painful phases, she was settled soon.

Weaning off:
Importance of breastfeeding is innumerable and unexplained. I did breastfeed my baby till one year, reducing the quantum after 6 months when solid food was introduced. Once a year of breast feeding was over, immediately started feeding her milk with spoon, till 2 years my baby drank milk with spoon till she finally drank it all by herself in her glass at the age of 4.

Potty training: 
Another landmark to cross.  Lot of patience, some demo sessions, every thirty minutes of washroom visit for the baby full day and every 2 hours in the night with alarms set – all this only for a week & my baby was potty trained! And it was no less than an achievement than getting  any promotion at my office, mean it ☺

The more choosy and pricky in what to give and what not, the more picky will the child become. Apart from taking care of the texture, quantity, hygiene, style of food preparation, I gave everything to my kid. Today I don’t know what does a fussy eater means. She eats everything. Meal plan for Toddler>>

Toddler - mother: 
This stage is a very delicate as well as complicated, very easily a toddler can make their parents embarrassed or proud publicly. As I am learning through this phase right now, I observed, over of anything is bad – over appreciation or over disapprovals both can be dangerous, balancing is the key! At the same time your relationship with your toddler, what you do in front of her/him when no one’s around makes a lot of difference.

Being Mom of a toddler - my mantra to sail through motherhood is ‘being an informed mother’ – these days kids are smart and they really look forward to ‘cool mom’ or ‘cool dad’. How to be cool parents is up to us, how we should be up to date, socially connected and well versed about the new technologies and new trends to be able to be their friend and mentor today and down the years.
Good luck to all of us!

Know more about Ritu Bhatt ...

As a working mom of a four year old girl, striking a balance between personal and professional life is my everyday task. That’s what life is all about, truly. I have a decade long experience of working in corporate world, currently I work as a Corporate Strategy professional at a PR firm.  An ardent believer of Simplicity and its beauty, I love writing simple!

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Thursday, 11 January 2018

“Create a Creative Mind” By Ashwini Rao

Here is the post by Ashwini Rao whom I met in one of our momzmeet, at the very first meeting she was so full of life and positivity. Later she also volunteered for momspace meets, hosted couple of artsy activity for kids tagging along with moms during meets, and steer leading the vision board activity for mommies too. Since I met her first, whenever I see anything creative or colourful I think of Ashwini, she is dotting artsy mom who loves mess, sets limitless boundaries , and creates creative minds for kids as well as adults like me.

I 'm so thrilled to share her guest blog for our websites, because not only that she is special to me but also the topic she touched is very close to my heart. 

Create a Creative Mind 

By Ashwini Rao

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” said Albert Einstein.
There are multiple definitions of creativity. However creative process is made up of multiple components, most commonly – imagination, originality, productivity, problem solving skills and the ability to produce an outcome of value and worth.
Creativity provides a variety of intellectual, emotional and even health benefits to children. It also helps them become more confident, develop social skills and learn better.
Children are natural innovators and are born with high creative potential. They have powerful imaginations. 

However their creativity may be stifled if parents are not careful enough to nurture it and stimulate it. Here are a few simple ways to inculcate, stimulate and strengthen creativity in children;

Provide a creative space: 
Setting aside a space where your child can be imaginative is important. It need not be a fancy playroom, it could be a tiny corner with some Legos and some random everyday objects/ toys, or it could be a desk with some colours, papers, some craft supplies etc.

Provide the resources for creative expression: The key resource here is time. It is important to give your child unstructured time, maybe a few hours at home without activities scheduled, so your child can just mosey around and play.

Also provide some items in your child’s environment to stimulate their imagination – Crayons, paints, colored papers, blocks, books, puzzles, random craft supplies, sticks, leaves, tubes and magnets can all contribute to long dramatic play schemes.

Build a creative atmosphere at home: In addition to space and resources, it is important to set a creative atmosphere at home. Discuss creativity, ask your child to come up with lots of ideas, but resist the urge to evaluate and criticize them. Don't point out which ideas aren't possible, and don't decide which ideas are best. Don’t correct, ask why! Encourage your child to execute his/her own ideas, make mistakes and even fail. Children who are afraid of failure and judgment will curb their own creative thought. Children also have an amazing ability to be creative when they play freely on their own without a parent hovering over them all the time. Offer – but do not overcrowd.

Celebrate innovation and creativity at home: Cover your walls with art and other evidence of creative expression. Tell your child all about your favorite artists, musicians, and scientists. Share your passion for arts, architecture, music, books or photography.

Help your child activate his/her senses: Expose your child to the world so they can use all of their senses. Invest in experiences rather than things. Going to the library, museum, events, workshops and outdoors will encourage him/her to read for pleasure and participate in the arts.
Limiting TV time and other screen time will make room for creative activities like rehearsing a play, learning to draw, reading every book written by a favorite author etc. Inspire them to make up stories and write them down. Ask them to imagine what traveling to faraway places would be like – things they would see, people they would meet and all the fun things they would do.
Hone your child’s talent and help pursue his/ her passion: Pay attention to your child’s interests and provide all the required resources to pursue them further. Be it registering for weekly classes/workshops or buying books on the topic, provide things that are needed.

Take time and explore your own creativity: 
Since children learn from watching their parents, be creative too. Join your child while drawing or building or coloring. Find out what your creative outlet is and where you enjoy putting your creative energy in. It could be cooking, singing, gardening, drawing, dancing, writing or anything that holds your interest. If it has been a while since you’ve done something creative, think about what made you happy in your own childhood and spend half an hour doing that activity with your child. Children who watch their parents engage in some creative activities will take up those activities themselves.

Be OK with mess
When a child is in his/her creative element, it can get messy quickly. Learn to be OK with it. Next time your child wants to paint a toy, build a toy house, convert a box into a TV, make a sock puppet, have fun with sand art, make a sandwich or anything else that may seem absurd to you – make room for it or take it outside. You might have to struggle with a mess, but the creative benefits will outdo this fleeting inconvenience. When he/she is done creating, ask for their help to clean up.

Play with your child: 

Play and build dramatic play scenarios, using your own props if needed. Pretend play helps children imagine life from a different perspective, and is an important building block of creativity. Play games like ‘Continuing Story’ (one person starts the story and the others build on it), ‘Object Creation’ (creating something piece by piece with a limited set of random objects), ‘Clay Fun’ (making objects with clay/ playdoh), Pictionary, Dumb charades and the like.

While these are some of the simple techniques, there are so many ways to inculcate creativity in children and so many ways to develop it. I would love to hear what works for YOU!

Know more about Ashwini Rao...
A Mother by devotion, Artist by passion, Banking Consultant by profession, Ashwini Rao is a self-taught artist with a flair for bringing out the vivacity of life through vibrant colours in her paintings.  Ashwini hails from Karnataka, and worked in the IT field as a Senior Consultant for Banking & Financial Services.  

Ashwini has completed her Diploma in Commercial Arts. Her interest lies primarily in painting with oils, acrylic, fabric & glass colours. She conducts art classes on weekends and currently, about 25 students are training under her. Her daughter Aditi, who is also training under her, is a budding artist and has won multiple art contests at state and national levels.

Her works of art are displayed in art exhibitions in the past as well and received a warm response. Her dream is to pursue her life-long interest in art as a full-time career and start an art school in near future (The Color Factory).