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Guest Blog: “Informed Parenting” By Ritu Bhatt

Here is an informative guest blog about milestones of motherhood by Ritu Bhatt. She shares about how she has taken important decision for her baby in given circumstances... I simply enjoyed reading it, as it was very practical and informative. I am sure my readers will also love reading the same. 

Thanks Ritu for sharing your parenting experiences and sharing tips you learnt. Nothing prepares you on the job and excel like the way motherhood does, as rightly said motherhood doesn't come with a manual, and if at all, am sure it wouldn't be much help, as each mom, mothering journey and each child is different. 

“Informed Parenting” By Ritu Bhatt

Life is a learning and motherhood is one ‘on the job training’ where you learn with each mistake. You discover and keep understanding motherhood while wondering and trying to figure out why the baby never sleeps in the night….

Post pregnancy (post-partum) is the phase when many women are at their all time lowest phase of life. While tackling the physical, mental & hormonal imbalances, important is to understand that we ourselves have to come out of this, we have to get-up, talk and take care of the child; no one else can do it for us, so better we are at our best and let we ourselves decide what’s right for our baby.

After delivery, when my body was actually under those mood swings and un-contented self denial mode, hormonal imbalances – it was indeed a difficult phase… but I had no option than leaving everything aside and focusing on what was most crucial, my baby. My instinct made me do few things which today I feel were some mistakes which I was saved off by being just a little more conscious and thoughtful in whatever I did. I started ignoring what others talk/comment; whenever my baby sleeps, I made sure I also slept, whatever time of the day it was, when she was up, I used to attend to her needs, while talking to her I used to do lot of stuff around in the room. Also, those days, I read a lot, Internet and books are full of information, always refer multiple sources on anyone information we seek. 

Here is my take on some aspects of motherhood which I learnt on-the-job!

YES or NO, it had become the biggest decision of my life, much bigger than the one I used to take while handling most critical projects in office. Infact, it’s still a big debate. The old school says NO and Doctors says ‘what’s wrong?’ I did use diaper for my kid during nights so that both of us can sleep well which can be a boon in those initial days. And I did use diapers while outings which are not more than once a month or so during those times. My baby indeed slept well & dry throughout the night, resulting into both she and me being less cranky towards each other. Her sleep schedule was on track and till date it is. No diaper rashes, as well as I, used to change the diaper every 3-4 hours.
Diaper wars: Cloth vs Disposable!

One in every 3 babies suffers with colic during late evenings in those initial days; I always went for the safest medicine as suggested by the doctor. There is nothing wrong in giving few drop of the colic syrup once in a while rather than managing those heat sek on little tummy or heeng powders on the navels till late in the night which didn’t work for me. ‘Colicaid’ (anti-colic) did, and I am proud that I used it, and my baby didn’t had to go through those painful phases, she was settled soon.

Weaning off:
Importance of breastfeeding is innumerable and unexplained. I did breastfeed my baby till one year, reducing the quantum after 6 months when solid food was introduced. Once a year of breast feeding was over, immediately started feeding her milk with spoon, till 2 years my baby drank milk with spoon till she finally drank it all by herself in her glass at the age of 4.

Potty training: 
Another landmark to cross.  Lot of patience, some demo sessions, every thirty minutes of washroom visit for the baby full day and every 2 hours in the night with alarms set – all this only for a week & my baby was potty trained! And it was no less than an achievement than getting  any promotion at my office, mean it ☺

The more choosy and pricky in what to give and what not, the more picky will the child become. Apart from taking care of the texture, quantity, hygiene, style of food preparation, I gave everything to my kid. Today I don’t know what does a fussy eater means. She eats everything. Meal plan for Toddler>>

Toddler - mother: 
This stage is a very delicate as well as complicated, very easily a toddler can make their parents embarrassed or proud publicly. As I am learning through this phase right now, I observed, over of anything is bad – over appreciation or over disapprovals both can be dangerous, balancing is the key! At the same time your relationship with your toddler, what you do in front of her/him when no one’s around makes a lot of difference.

Being Mom of a toddler - my mantra to sail through motherhood is ‘being an informed mother’ – these days kids are smart and they really look forward to ‘cool mom’ or ‘cool dad’. How to be cool parents is up to us, how we should be up to date, socially connected and well versed about the new technologies and new trends to be able to be their friend and mentor today and down the years.
Good luck to all of us!

Know more about Ritu Bhatt ...

As a working mom of a four year old girl, striking a balance between personal and professional life is my everyday task. That’s what life is all about, truly. I have a decade long experience of working in corporate world, currently I work as a Corporate Strategy professional at a PR firm.  An ardent believer of Simplicity and its beauty, I love writing simple!

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