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Meet RJ Snigdha - Soul of MomzMeet!

I take immense pleasure to announce RJ Snigdha as the Guest of Honour for our 5th Anniversary celebration (Five years of Connecting Moms) at KydzAdda on 21st January 2018. 

While interacting with Snigdha time just flies, I had lots of fun meeting her. She is so down to earth,  energetic, full of life, and oodles of positivity. Here is an excerpt from our little yet longer conversation...

Tell us something about Snigdha, the dynamic RJ and what is the most interesting part of your job.

Well, Snigdha is the simple soul who is born never to die. Loves to live life to the fullest. Someone who can give more than expected. Someone who loves to laugh and put a smile on others face be it with wit or her humour. She is someone who believes that Jack of all trade could be a master of all too. Coming to my Passion... The most dynamic part of my job as an RJ has always been the live wire challenge. No edit no retake. And of course the high you get when you get to experience the adulation from listeners of all age and gender. It's like becoming the medium of their emotions to the world 😊

Tell us something about the your motherhood journey – the challenges you faced, the memories you made, etc.

I was married off at a very early age.. 19.5 and I was off to explore a life of a wife and mom.. I was a mother of two tiny tots by age when many of my friends were pursuing their career and studies.. But I have no regrets. When people start giving up in life, I started and took off my career at the age of 33..

Life wasn't hunky dory and nor was it a smooth sail. My son was diagnosed with severe autism spectrum disorder at the tender age of 3 and life came to a standstill for me.. I never thought the tomboy inside me will calm down, the rebel inside me will go into a shell, the go-getter inside me will be depressed. 

But yes am proud to say that I self-counselled at that young age and faced every challenge and fought my battle with support from my family.. thankfully I could revive life and tried to live every moment as I always desired to. 

How did it feel being one of the Mrs. India 2017 finalists? 
Well I was Mrs India finalist for the first time in 2006 in gladrags Mrs India contest but couldn't go to Mumbai for 10 days leaving my kids alone those days when he was very small and needed constant attention and my hubby was serving in the air force and it has always been a nuclear family.

I let go of my place to the next participant. But somehow it always bothered me that I left an opportunity so after a long hiatus, I tried again last year and not just being finalist I also won the crown which is a very proud and happy moment for me. It's never too late to try and I proudly hold this crown till 2018😊
How do you balance your personal and professional lives?

I always believe that one must learn to differentiate between work and home. You must know the work-life balance. The easiest way to do this is not to bring home the professional work and vice versa. One must find time to cook, spend time at your hobbies, give quality time to family and fix days and time for it and be diligent about it. It's an art that I have honed over many years to strike a perfect balance between home and career. Take out time for friends, meet up and let your hair down once in a while. That's a perfect balance and all you need is the art of doing it.

What is the one thing that has changed in you after becoming a mother?
I was an extremely hyper person and very impulsive with zero tolerance. After I became a mother the first time, I hardly could work on it at 21..but after my sons birth and especially after his diagnosis, things drastically changed for me. I became very patient, tolerant, compassionate and could take life as it was gifted to me  😊

How did you come to know about Momzspace?
Of course, Social media! Social Media zindabad 😊

7. What do you feel are the biggest challenges for women in the Corporate space today and how can they overcome them?
One of the biggest challenges that a woman faces at the corporate world is perhaps the way she is underestimated about her calibre just because of her gender and of course the safety and security. 

I think she could overcome this by being upfront, unabashed and confident. She need not prove herself. She should just believe in her self and her conviction will take her places. We already have plenty of examples of such successful women at a very high position.
As for safety and security, Govt is Trying many measures and there is a massive change already seen with awareness. 

8. What is your idea of a ‘supermom’?
Honestly, this is one nickname that already is bestowed on Me by my loved ones but I guess every woman could be a supermom if she has a will for it.

All it means it is being good at multi-tasking, utilising her time and talent to optimum. Indulge in her hobbies and passion and look at an avenue of keeping busy with constructive work and yet take care of her home and family 

9. What are you expecting from this event?
I honestly expect each mom who is at the event to start thinking beyond being mom live a balanced life that gives her wings to fly and be happy and content in whatever she desires to do.

These kinds of momzmeet is an eye opener for many who have talent and are not proactive about it... It's about time now!! 

10. A piece of advice for all the wonderful women and moms out there.
We all are women before we are moms. So start giving yourself importance and Stop thinking what others think of you, stop wasting your precious  time in gossiping, stop judging others and yourself, all you need to do is start living a balanced life, give yourself time that you deserve, above all love yourself and  only then can you love others around u and you will find happiness in smaller things in life 😍

Thanks Snigdha for squeezing out some time from your busy schedule and answering our questions. We all at MomzSpace are looking forward to meeting you and listen to you in person. - xoxo    
Nidhi :)   

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