Sunday, 14 January 2018

RG Blossom redefining new age parenting!

Is your hectic work schedules, and social commitments making it difficult for you to achieve your parenting goals? Are you raising your child in nuclear family? If yes, then RG Blossom is the right fit for you to meet your parenting goals and ensure your child’s overall development.

RG Blossom App enables new age parent to Engage actively and Empower themselves to build trusted relationships with caregivers, doctors, school and more. This not any parenting app with mere parenting tips which hardly works, but it's a app which helps you to measure your childs well being too. It helps to build an interconnected and seamless child care ecosystem to ensure holistic development by focusing on caregivers to offer right care to your child, as well as for schools to unlock your child’s potential in academics too.

RG Blossom helps you to focus on key milestones including physical, physiological, cognitive learnings as well as their emotional and behavioural quotient.

This application is free from ads, yet no extra cost for downloading this app. This free app has clear vision to offer end-to-end digital parenting solutions for key areas i.e body, mind, and soul of your child.

Ratings: 4.5

Why you must Download Round Glass Blossom Parenting & Child Care App?

  • To record, track every milestone of your child seamlessly
  • To Monitor your child’s development child
  • Stay connected with your child’s caregiver, paediatrician, and school
  • For timely expert advice on child care & nutrition
  • To Store & access your child’s health records & documents on a single platform
  • To save time with online appointment booking feature
  • For never miss vaccination
  • For personalized child care and parenting content
  • For simplified to access child health records
  • To work cohesively with caregiver, doctor, and school to get meet your parenting goals
  • To Connect, interact, share and learn from industry experts and other parents
  • Ad Free Parenting App

This app has been specially designed for new age parents and built by passionate parents having vast industry experience with US-govt and top US healthcare organizations. It helps you raise a happy, healthy and mindful child with an innovative, yet tried and tested child development tools, trusted parenting advice and access to best paediatricians.

I asked few of my friends who just stepped on to parenting to give candid reviews, please Do read and take your call. Jyoti Pardasani: "Perfect App for parents like us who are multi-tasking every now and then, and we end up forgetting imp vaccination appointment. This app leaves no room for such a miss. Thanks, RG blossom, for making me more alert."

Ankeet D: "very helpful and easy to use parenting app. It helps us to be better parents. We can make informed and better decision as whoever is involved in evolving our child is on same track , and updated :-)" Madhvi Juneja: "I feel that app is doing justice to all, like for us parents as well as for the people we work together to raise our child. it helps to have easy and non-confusing interaction with her care giver at day care. I've not tried the book an appointment feature, but am sure it will be good too." Priya M: "RG blossom made our parenting journey easy, and effective with given tools, expert advice, and most loved book an appointment feature." Vinita Garg, "Oh this app made my work little bit easy when it comes to track her health milestone, especially for tracking her vaccination schedule. And this app made further easy for me to book an appointment with her doc."
RoundGlass Blossom empowers every parent, caregiver and school to be part of an innovative and transformational journey focused on the wellbeing and holistic care of every child. Download RoundGlass Blossom>> - a free parenting & child care app to experience the joy of parenting!

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