Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Let's Encourage, Recognise & Appreciate Young Readers & Authors

If you wish to gift your child something to guide them and become their friend, then nothing beats gifting them love and passion for books. It takes sheer efforts from parents to raise a reader. It will take your kids a long way, holding their hand in life’s ups and downs when we (parents) are not around.

I still remember my first blog on parenting how to raise a reader. I am so proud of raising Erishka as a voracious reader, she is so interested in reading now that she even wants to publish her own book too. (thanks to the early years I spent with her as I was Smart Mom At Home).
For Aarish (who just turned 1 last week), I was little worried like how would I inculcate reading habits in his early years, and how would I do it alongside being a full time working woman, a community builder, and a mommy to four kids (hahaha i.e Erishka -6.5 yr, Aarish - 1 yr, my hubby - 36 and my dad-66 yr). And then came along the initiative by Neev Academy taken up by them for the first time last year (missed it last year due to my pregnancy).
Erishka when she was just 14 months at Slough Library

The main objective of this Literature festival is to spread awareness for reading and to encourage and appreciate young writers. While raising Erishka as a reader, there were no such events for kids in town. Even though a library visit was a must for her in a month, her age group didn’t have any event as such in place. Yes, there was plenty of stuff happening around the town for adult book lovers like us, but no such activity/event for kids. I am super impressed by Neev Academy, (an International Baccalaureate school in Yemalur, Bengaluru) - Neev Literature Festival, for spreading the love for books to a wider range of kids and parents, which will help create and spread awareness.

Why you and your kids must not miss this event?
1.       An opportunity for you to introduce reading as one of the most productive life skills for kids
2.       Encourage your kids' reading capabilities
3.       Explore a range of books and encourage them to read multiple genres.
4.       An opportunity for you as a parent to listen to renowned authors and speakers gracing the literature festival meant exclusively for kids.
5.       Let your kids participate in various interactive sessions and panel discussions that will take place with the authors, the children and the parents on 29th September.
6.       Encourage young writers by applauding the winners of Neev Children’s Book Awards 2018 (NCBA). The objective is to recognize and honour outstanding authors from the children’s literature space.
NLF will include the Neev Children’s Book Awards in categories of Picture Books, Young Readers Books and Young Adults Books. Each award carries a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh, along with a citation which will be presented at the special ceremony during the NLF.
7.       All kids including toddlers, pre-teens, teens can participate and enjoy the event. Even young adults like me who love reading will have an awesome time connecting with stellar authors and readers.
8.       And finally, to keep your kids away from tech-gadget trap. This event will help you and your kids to tech detox.

As rightly quoted by Ernest Hemingway, “There is no friend as loyal as a book.” Let's attend the most awaited event for kids in the town. I will be attending this event with a few mommy friends and all our kids to learn and explore more on the reading front for kids.


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