Sunday, 26 July 2020

All You Need to Know About 'Break The Norm' Virtual Event

The pandemic has invited quite a peculiar and unique challenges, pausing our so called yearly and quarterly plans... The pandemic promises to be life-changing for our lifestyle, the way we do business, the way we shop, the way we celebrate our special days. 

However, it has also paved way for resilience and relevance towards the way we live our life and do businesses. From office conference calls to e-marriage to virtual birthday bash, we have witnessed it all... 

It was sheer pleasure and sense of contentment when I happen to witness such beautiful things even during this uncalled crisis. What I miss currently is to connect each on e of you either in person or in any networking event.  

So, I've come up with the virtual event at zero cost, where I shall invite industry experts to discuss the current challenges faced by millennial women and what are possible and doable solutions for the same. Watch my video>>

MomzSpace is back, and with host Nidhi Pathak, to discuss solutions for breaking the norm for millennial women of today who multiple roles even in crisis. We will discuss issues ranging from mental health, legal rights for women, parenting challenges, single parenting issues, entrepreneurial hiccups and also how to secure financial independence irrespective to employment or marital status. I am hoping that you all millennial women would join me at the launch party of the talk series, and make it as special as we did out previous offline meets. Event link:

Key speakers: (Click on the name to know more about them)
Salma Moosa (Startup Mentor) Anubha Srivastava (Lawyer) Jigisha Rajguru (Financial consultant)

Virtual event partner CrowdProduct (CoProTech): Events & Audience Engagement solutions

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