Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Watch Video>> Let's Break The Norm with Momzspace

For all who missed to join us live here is the recorded video uploaded on my YouTube Channel

Key speakers: Salma Moosa (Startup Mentor) Anubha Srivastava (Lawyer) Jigisha Rajguru (Financial consultant)

I must tell there is so much to learn and educate ourselves in aspect of financial, social, legal, and entrepreneurial rights and know how.

We touched upon topics ranging from domestic violence to entrepreneurial obstacles and financial crisis during this lockdown202 due to Covid_19 Pandemic.

Sorry, but our discussion were aren't pitiful, in fact we were unapologetic of being ourselves and voicing our opinions,  talking about the challenges and how we as women can empower each other to embrace the change due to uncalled fatal disease Corona.

Momzspace will host an elaborated webisodes on each and every topic pertaining to women challenges addressing sensitive issues like mental well being and career shifts in women's life today.

Please do subscribe our youtube channel to stay tuned to our announcements and upcoming virtual events. I would be glad to hear from you all ladies, do write to me at or just drop a comment on what topics you want us to do our next virtual event.

MomzSpace is back, and with host Nidhi Pathak, to discuss solutions for breaking the norm for millennial women of today who multiple roles even in crisis. We will discuss issues ranging from mental health, legal rights for women, parenting challenges, single parenting issues, entrepreneurial hiccups and also how to secure financial independence irrespective to employment or marital status. I am hoping that you all millennial women would join me at the series virtual events, and make it as special as we did out previous offline meets

Here is the single link to join all my virtual #breakthenorm events

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