Saturday, 29 August 2020

LinkedIn Conversations: 3 Things I have been doing daily to SURVIVE #LockDown2020

 Three things I have been doing daily to sail through this 

  • Following the routine☑️

Managing kids, & doing all chores by self exhausted my energy physically as well as mentally. Having said that we aren't sure about when things will be .But maintaining a routine will help us to maintain effortlessly.

  • Trying out new things

Okay, this may sound little crazy but I've done things which I never thought that I would ever do. Something like exploring my singing with apps like , . It helped me to think & interact beyond work, family or kids.
  • Back to Hobbies☑️
Whenever I'm not aligned, I get back to pastels. You may checkout my instapost for the same..
This help create some beautiful art.
It keeps me calm.

What am not doing in ? Please see you are not suppose to follow below things. Fitness Routine❎I thought it's OK to skip 

Fitness Routine❎ I thought it's OK to skip , as I was doing more work than usual. having no house help through out lockdown is sheer night mare for working professional women , especially in India as we are so much dependent on eternal house help.
I did not realise that fitness routine must until I started having sever backpain.
Yes, I tried everything possible, including hotpacks, icepacks, gels, oinment , painkillers. It did eased me, but temporary. My body responded, it needs fitness routine, with no shortcuts. This is the most essential part to survive lockdown that many of us are ignoring.

Watch Video: Building Engaging Communities | #CoRiseSummit

People buy the emotion you sell, not the product!

Ever wondered why?

People connect with people who has something in common or passionate about. And thats what exactly 'Community' does irrespective to its format. 

Power of community is nothing new to marketing or #productselling

Thanks to digitization & social media alongwith easy internet access, the concept of community marketing has now evolved from the #wordofmouth to results driven strategy reflecting metrics of #audienceengagement & beyond.

Whether it's B2B or B2C, people relate to real emotions & not to the pre-structured #salespitch or #marketing woo

And here is where the concept of #communitybuilding helps you connect with your #targetaudience effortlessly leading to better understanding of #consumerbehaviour


It was an insightful session on "Building Engaging Communities" with awesome panelists.
I truly enjoyed the session as the topic is very close to my heart.
Trust me, one hour wasn't enough for us to encapsulate everything. 
There is still so much share, learn and collaborate together. Thanks to the most effective community for startups #echai for connecting us - like minded community passion builders driven by purpose and delivering marketing and business goals.

Susan Kabani
Mahua Mukherjee
Deborah Madelaine
Anubha Maneshwar
Sonal Singh

This talk gave a quick glimpse of how to create success with the most engaging, passion driven and result oriented community across all sectors and industries. 
Thanks Jatin for this amazing opportunity to moderate this panel having dynamic women with excellent community building skills. It was a great mix of lifestyle, career, professional as well as internal community builders. 

We spoke about WHY, WHAT and HOWs of the "Community Building". For all those who couldn't join us live here is the recorded session uploaded on YouTube channel of eChai.Network