Saturday, 29 August 2020

LinkedIn Conversations: 3 Things I have been doing daily to SURVIVE #LockDown2020

 Three things I have been doing daily to sail through this 

  • Following the routine☑️

Managing kids, & doing all chores by self exhausted my energy physically as well as mentally. Having said that we aren't sure about when things will be .But maintaining a routine will help us to maintain effortlessly.

  • Trying out new things

Okay, this may sound little crazy but I've done things which I never thought that I would ever do. Something like exploring my singing with apps like , . It helped me to think & interact beyond work, family or kids.
  • Back to Hobbies☑️
Whenever I'm not aligned, I get back to pastels. You may checkout my instapost for the same..
This help create some beautiful art.
It keeps me calm.

What am not doing in ? Please see you are not suppose to follow below things. Fitness Routine❎I thought it's OK to skip 

Fitness Routine❎ I thought it's OK to skip , as I was doing more work than usual. having no house help through out lockdown is sheer night mare for working professional women , especially in India as we are so much dependent on eternal house help.
I did not realise that fitness routine must until I started having sever backpain.
Yes, I tried everything possible, including hotpacks, icepacks, gels, oinment , painkillers. It did eased me, but temporary. My body responded, it needs fitness routine, with no shortcuts. This is the most essential part to survive lockdown that many of us are ignoring.

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