Sunday, 6 September 2020

Breakaway: Why do you need a day off when you are already at home?

 Have you ever wondered that Why do you need a day off when you are already at home!

Here is WHY ... A short #breakaway is sure to enhance your #productivity and overall team #performancemanagement

While the world has accepted and moving on with #newnormal, we need to come to terms with neww ways of taking a #timeout from daily never ending work routine...

“Boundaries between work-time and personal time are very blurred right now... there is no end to the workday.
At the same time, certain things are more fatiguing—say you were at an office, you could just walk up to a colleague to have a work chat but now it’s find a convenient time to set up a call, put it in your calendar.
Also, there’s a chance of miscommunication, especially on text and email.
All this adds to fatigue and anxiety,"

👆As quoted in the below article..

Read this article by LiveMint>> to discover many more reasons to demand/request/ask for leave while you #workfromhome

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