Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Career Shift: Pivoting is Tough, but doable!

Pivoting is the toughest but doable ... Sometimes it's pretty simple to start something new, or something from zero (if u have that itch to do that)

LinkedIn's #pivotalstory about strongly reflects the essence of the book #ikigai... The itch, the urge, the passion.. brings an amazing adrenaline rush.. Whether you want to quit your full-time job 9-6 for your startup or quit your fullfledge career to build a corporate career, #careertransition is a DARING move.

At the same time to rebuild your credibility is quite complex too... As it dives down to #transistionalchanges, coping with self-doubt... and battling the #stereotypes. In the entire process of #careershift the most important thing is to answer the question a WHY????

If the reply to this question brings smile on your face despite of #latehours at work or doing every time that extra bit... Then you have made a right choice for your career growth.

 Here are few excerpts from my LinkedIn Conversations ...



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