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I am wise and free-spirited city chick who is now an opinionated urban mom who is undoubtedly addicted to Pinterest, Instagram and other mother blogging stuff. I firmly believe that we are solely responsible for our choices & we have and accept the consequences of every deed, word & thought.

This blog is about my journey towards motherhood and how I discovered my new strengths by overcoming personal inhibitions and challenges. Motherhood has taken me back to my childhood days. I play, dance, sing, jump, fall and do all possible things to entertain and keep her occupied. it's exclusively about my day-today routine and fond memories with my 'Little Princess' Erishka aka Meethi.

With my sweetheart, 'Erishka'
This blog was first named as 'Smart Mom At Home'. Because I hate using term 'Stay At Home Mom'.
 No offence but somehow I feel that mother who sacrifice their careers for raising their kids are not just 'Staying' at home.

They do lot many things like household chores, grocery shopping, other market errands, keeping kids occupied, keeping up with high demands of kids, what not and the list is endless.
 Something really more than anytime/anything mentioned in of my earlier job profiles.
Life as being mom is not as simple as maths, like you put the correct formula and you get the right equation.
Everyday is an adventurous with new challenges, obstacles, learning, and so on...
But later having moms in the group from all walk of life like a working moms, work from home mom, single moms, mompreneurs, then re-coined the name for my blog as website 'Momz'Space'.

Images of my little one when she was 1 month old

So with my knowledge, only Smart moms' who opt to stay home can do these stuff. Staying at home is not just playing with our little ones. And yes if you are working moms it's not so easy to shrug off the responsibilities towards kids, and for mompreneurs it's equally difficult to meet deadline, doing vendor management or running around the town for clients with a baby responsibility too. I firmly believe that each moms add value to their own being and parenting be it SAHM (Smart Momz At Home), WFHM (Work From Home Mom), SWM (Super Working Mom) or EM (Entrepreneurial Moms)
 This blog is dedicated to all my friends who are in the same phase of life just like me.
I hope you like reading my experiences and let me know what do you thing about it.

'Modern mums are young, stylish and powerful too'
(Nidhi Pathak was interviewed by Deccan Chronicle along with her mommy friends Deepthi & Prateti) 
Nidhi Pathak was interviewed by The Hindu
 (One of the popular English newspaper in South India) 

Read my published Interview in SmartIndianWomen.Com
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Anonymous said...

Hey nidhi
Loved reading ur blog
Especially "things motherhood taught me "
I have few recipes which my 16 month old son loves
I will share it soon
Keep coming ur wonderful posts

Mums of Bangalore