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A big 'Hello' to all dads out there... Finally I am dedicating the entire page for the wonderful dads and dads-to-be. This space is exclusively dedicated to dads with informative and tips - tricks article. From diapering right to breastfeeding and dad's day out, you find it all here - one stop guide for any new dad from smart moms perspective.
Lovely twos at their best mood, please don't fight for TV remote at hime
Worth A Read>> DADDY - The birth of a Father
Giving more importance and with paradigm shift in Indian Parenting, Tuhin A Sinha writes an exclusive book for father, 'DADDY'. Daddy, a first of its kind Indian book, provides a rare parenting insight from a father?s perspective, and looks at issues, concerns and joys that every new father goes through.

Combining personal narrative, with stories from new fathers and leading medical practitioners, the book brings together ideas on involved fatherhood and explores the changing relationship dynamic between a couple after the baby arrives. In more ways than one, it celebrates the spirit of new age fatherhood. Read more>>

Breastfeeding! What is Dad's Role in it?
There are N-number of things that a new dad can help even before the child is born. And you and your partner decide to breastfeed your little one, so now your better-half has to support you in every way to encourage you to breastfeed. A successful breastfeeding depends on many factors, out of which your hubby (new dad) can help in couple of them and can make it easy for new mom. many of which you can help with. Here are few pointers for a new dad for his breastfeeding duty to help a nursing mom. Know more about how can you help your partner in Breastfeeding>>

Put on your Shoes Dad!
Having a support and helping hand from hubby is just like a blessing for any new mom. As being dad they cannot take over our breastfeeding task, but yes of course they can help us in changing diapers. And trust me they are really good at it and sometimes quicker and better than hands on mom. Read more>>

Bottle Basics for Dads
Heylos to all smart mommies and deddas, with regular tummy time routine, clean bottle hygiene and right type of bottle used to feed your, will help you to enjoy motherhood with no colicky night duty. So to pick a right kind of bottle and it's attachment is an trial and error task, to finally pick the right bottle for your low. Know your bottles>>

Fun Activities with Dads>>Free Printable
Fathers Day special activity at KydzAdda (Banshankari), where all the kids enjoyed baking yummy pizza's with dad. They also had fun making beautiful looking DIY fathers' day card. The celebration ended with the dad and kids dancing on Bollywood numbers and enjoying the most. It's always that moms dance to the tunes played by kids (Pun intended) but this time it was Dad's turn. I must say , 'It was a perfect celebration with quality and quantity time Kids spent with Dad. For all who missed out here are the free printable.

How to be supermom when Dad out of town
A quick guide on how can a mom survive hassle free when the 'DAD' is out of town. Yes, when super dad goes out for the business visit or family function, our (moms) support system is unplugged. Here are few tips and tricks to make sure you (mom) handle things with the same ease & less panic if your hubby would have been in town. Read more>>



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