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In this section we will feature article from MomzSpace which are exclusively meant for all moms-to-be, first time moms or expectant moms. I hope MomzSpace series of Pregnancy Guide for all three Trimester will be helpful to all First time moms and moms-to-be. 
First Trimester
Don't be surprise if  you get number of compliments like 'Oh! She Glows' for your radiant face due to pregnancy. Also not every mom glows, some moms may look dull like me when I was nearing the end of First Trimester.
If you want to know about my craving for the First Semester , I confess I had none due to morning sickness. And also just before I got to know that I am pregnant we have had been to holiday and had loads of junk food specially French Fries and Arrabiatta Pasta, no wonder my lo loves it till date. Read more about what you need for First Trimester>>

As you enter your second trimester of pregnancy, there will be slight visible bump if you may notice and which keeps growing bigger and more bigger as every month passes by. With Second Trimester you may notice fading of morning sickness and fatigue, nausea. But in my case it continued till 6-7 months of pregnancy and also my food cravings ranged from pineapple chaats, ferror-rocher, nutella to natural tender coconut ice-creams I would have emptied almost dozens of ice-creme boxes of 1 liter in entire second trimester. Read more about fitness, food, shopping guide for Second trimester>>

For any queries, doubts or dilemmas please write to us at we will make sure your queries are answered by expert panel consisting Gynecologist, mid-vives, Lactation consultant, nutrition expert and life coaches. Till then happy motherhood and nurturing!! 

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