Break The Norm with Nidhi Pathak

Break The Norm with Nidhi Pathak - Founder of MomzSpace

 #BreakTheNorm with Nidhi Pathak
~An Initiative by Momz'Space 

MomzSpace is back, and with host Nidhi Pathak, to discuss solutions for breaking the norm for millennial women of today who multiple roles even in crisis. We will discuss issues ranging from mental health, legal rights for women, parenting challenges, single parenting issues, entrepreneurial hiccups and also how to secure financial independence irrespective to employment or marital status.

I am hoping that you all millennial women would join me at the series virtual events, and make it as special as we did out previous offline meets. #BreakTheNorm is an initiative to feature inspiring stories of dynamic women from all walk of life. 
Take a look at some of our webisodes featuring dynamic women from all walk of life including life coach, startup consultants, career advisors, entrepreneurial mentors, women in business, mom entrepreneur, legal advisors, financial consultants and many more industry experts.

Momzspace - A Motherhood Community will be host an elaborated webisodes on each and every topic pertaining to women challenges, addressing sensitive issues like mental well being and career shifts in women's life today. I would be glad to hear from you all ladies about what type of topics you want me to feature, I will try my best to feature the industry expert for the same.
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